Below are the certificate programs and accompanying skill sheets that have been offered to date by the Forensic Fire Analysis Institute:

Fire Patterns and Fire Dynamics Certificate Program

Fire Dynamics and Fire Patterns:  This certificate program tests knowledge and skills related to fire dynamics in compartments and how fuels and ventilation influence fire development that produce fire effects and patterns.  Testing includes proficiencies in fire and explosion dynamics as it applies to origin and cause determinations.  Participants will demonstrate a working knowledge of fire science and apply this knowledge to assess fire effects, fire patterns, and analyze fire spread.  The candidate’s knowledge of fire pattern generation concepts will be tested with a focus towards identification of full room involvement, understanding ventilation generated fire dynamics, and formation of fire patterns.  Completion of written and skills testing is required.  Required knowledge and skills include: [NFPA 1033-14 § 1.3.7 (1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 11); JPR’s 4.2.5] [NFPA 921-17 Basic Fire Science Chapter; Fire Patterns Chapter]

FFAI Skill Sheet 4.1 FDFP

FFAI Skill Sheet 4.2 FDFP

FFAI Skill Sheet 4.3 FDFP


Electricity and Electrical Systems Certificate Program

Electricity and Electrical Systems: This certificate program test knowledge and skills of the Fundamentals of electricity, electrical systems, and appliances in standard 120/240-Volt, single phase systems encountered in typical residential and commercial structures.  A combination of electrical theory with practical skills related to the analysis of electrical systems will be tested.  Participants will be able to demonstrate how to document and analyze electrical systems and potential failures with standard equipment and tools.  Completion of written and skills testing is required. Required knowledge and skills include: [NFPA 1033-14 § 1.3.7 (16); JPR’s 42.2.2, 4.3.1] [NFPA 921-17 Electricity and Fire].


FFAI Skill Sheet 2.1 EES

FFAI Skill Sheet 10.1 EES

FFAI Skill Sheet 10.2 EES

FFAI Skill Sheet 10.3 EES


Techniques for Origin Determination Certificate Program 

Techniques for Origin Determination: This certificate program tests competencies in theory with a concentration on practical skills for determining the origin of a fire.  The proper use of the scientific method will be assessed as it relates to the use of fire patterns, witness statements, arc mapping and fire dynamics.  Knowledge and Skills related to data gathering techniques, including depth of char, depth of calcination, arc mapping, origin matrix, and heat and flame vector analysis will be assessed.  Participates will demonstrate that they are capable of developing working origin hypotheses and illustrate how they arrived at a final origin hypothesis.  Full-scale exercises will be used to test the candidate’s knowledge and skills.  Completion of written and skills testing is required.  Required knowledge and skills include: [NFPA 1033-14 § 1.3.7 (8); JPR’s 4.2.1, 4.2.2, 4.2.3, 4.2.5, 4.2.6, 4.2.7] [NFPA 921-17 Origin Determination Chapter]

FFAI Skill Sheet 2.0 TOD

FFAI Skill Sheet 4.4 TOD

FFAI Skill Sheet 6.0 TOD

FFAI Skill Sheet 7.0 TOD

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